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Kenmore Garage Doors

Kenmore Garage Doors  has been installing and repairing garage doors in the Kenmore area for more than 20 years, and we’ve seen her grow from a sleepy bedroom community to a vibrant affluent suburb with a sizeable durable goods economy. More and more people have been flocking to Kenmore because of our mild, dry summers.

More residents means more housing, and that means more, more, more garage doors. We love garage doors at Kenmore Garage Doors.

We love installing them, repairing them, and upgrading them. If there’s one thing we love, it’s garage doors. 

You may find our love of garage doors contagious when you call Kenmore Garage Doors.

Kenmore Garage Doors – A Mutual Admiration Society

It’s more of a mutual admiration society. 

We love garage doors, and garage doors love us. Let’s just say that garage doors love Kenmore Garage Doors because we show your garage door mad love. 

And we are constantly in awe of garage doors because:

Garage doors protect your vehicle, your home and your family Garage doors add loads of curb appeal to your property Garage doors work really hard for decades, and they never ask for a raise Few things in life are as dependable as garage doors and openers, yet we take them for granted. Your hard-working garage door opener may operate tirelessly for 15 years before malfunctioning. 

But when it breaks down, you call it “a piece of junk.” Why is that? Your car may need service several times a year, and you take it in stride. 

But when your garage door needs service several times a decade, you can’t stop complaining.

Here at Kenmore Garage Doors, we don’t see the logic. In the first place, if you put one-third of the maintenance effort that you put into your vehicle, into your garage door system, with routine lubrication and inspections, your garage door would rarely fail, if ever.

Kenmore Garage Doors Is A Well-Oiled Machine

Kenmore Garage Doors knows that a well-maintained garage door is a thing of beauty. 

A stately, sectional garage door that rises smoothly and effortlessly is, in our eyes, poetry in motion.

Yes, your garage door should operate seamlessly for decades, even if you seem to take it for granted. 

If your garage door breaks down, there are only a handful of reasons and Kenmore Garage Doors will be able to figure out the cause and repair it right away.

Call Kenmore Garage Doors for all your garage door needs.

Call Kenmore Garage Doors now for an estimate!

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Kenmore Garage Door Repair | Kenmore, Washington

Your garage door is already one heck of a bargain. For pennies per day (yes, we said PENNIES), your automatic garage door faithfully rises and lowers at your command. 

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can keep your garage door from protecting you and your family. 

In fact, garage doors that have been installed and/or repaired by Kenmore Garage Door Repair are good to go for at least the next 12 to 15 years. Imagine a decade or two of uninterrupted garage door service with zero problems. You don’t have to imagine any longer – Kenmore Garage Door Repair can make your worry-free fantasy a reality. 

However, the downside is that our technicians are lonelier than the Maytag Repair Man. So we send our technicians back to school to brush up on the latest technology. 

Did you know that there are now garage door openers that connect to your smart phone? That means you’ll be alerted by phone anytime your garage door is left open, or opens on its own, and you can close it from anywhere in the world. 

It also transforms your smart phone into the world’s most powerful remote control. 

Kenmore Garage Door Repair – For Whatever Ails Your Door

There are virtually no garage door repair tasks suitable for a do-it-yourself repairman. Please leave your garage door repairs to the professionals. It’s okay to perform routine inspections and lubricate the tracks and rollers yourself, but even simple programming is best done by a professional garage door technician. Needless to say, any adjustments or repairs to your garage door springs, pulleys, cables or brackets are WAY too dangerous for a layman. Life is already too short, so please don’t shorten it any more by attempting your own garage door repairs. 

Instead call Kenmore Garage Door Repair, your one-stop shop for all garage door repairs, big or small. No garage door repair is too big for Kenmore Garage Door Repair; no job is too small. In fact, every garage door repair job, no matter what it is, is the perfect size for Kenmore Garage Door Repair. 

Is your garage door off its tracks? We can have it up and running in no time. Is your garage door spring caput? We can change it in a jiffy. Has your opener stopped opening? We will replace the whole mechanism in less than an hour. 

Kenmore Garage Door Repair Will Keep Your Door On Track For Years To Come

Here at Kenmore Garage Door Repair, the customer is king. 

We keep detailed records of all your garage door service and maintenance, so you don’t have to. As well, our skilled technicians always look at the big picture – your entire garage door system – not just the broken spring or cable. Kenmore Garage Door Repair is geared to keep your garage door healthy. A healthy garage is a happy garage door, and a happy garage door goes up and down joyously. 

Don’t you want your garage door to be happy? 

Then be sure to call Kenmore Garage Door Repair at the first sign of trouble. 

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get your garage door running smoothly again. Anytime day or night, Kenmore Garage Door Repair will make it right. 

Kenmore Garage Door Openers | Kenmore, WashingtoN

Garage Door Openers

Finally, homeowners are coming to the realization that garage door openers are one of the last great bargains of modern civilization. For a few hundred bucks, you get an appliance the size of a breadbox that lifts and lowers your heavy garage door several times a day for decades.

Here at Kenmore Garage Door Openers, to be honest, we could never make a living repairing garage door openers because they hardly ever break down. Once in a while, your opener might need to be programmed or re-programmed, but that’s child’s play. Modern garage door openers are so well-designed that they will outlast your next three or four cars. So garage door opener repair can be pretty slow going when openers hardly ever break down.

Lucky for us, Kenmore is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are always new garage doors and new openers to be installed. Kenmore Garage Door Openers is the best place to buy a new garage door opener. 

Why? Because we specialize in openers and remotes, and we’re equipped with the latest smart home accessories and the newest million-code security settings.

Kenmore Garage Door Openers Is Always On The Cusp Of Progress – Call Today

Kenmore Garage Door Openers was the first garage door company in the area to install safety sensor technology, YEARS before federal laws required it. We were also the first to offer car programming and wireless keypads. Currently, we are the only garage door service in Washington to install both the new integrated “smart home” technology, and the internet-based relay system. Our technicians are hard-working geeks with ladders, who are experts in the field. They enjoy explaining the joys of new garage door technologies, and showing you all the options that are literally at your fingertips. 

The pros at Kenmore Garage Door Openers will repair your opener if it’s feasible and cost effective only. But we never replace an opener that can be repaired, and we never repair an opener that needs to be replaced. To the seasoned repairmen of Kenmore Garage Door Openers, no garage door opener job is too big, or too small. We can do it all, from re-programming your remote control units to replacing the motherboard (a very delicate task that most garage door repairmen are reluctant to attempt.) 

As soon as a qualified technician from Kenmore Garage Door Openers arrives at your door, you can kiss your garage door worries goodbye. Leave it all to us…the maintenance, the repairs and the worrying. 

Call Kenmore And You Can Kiss Your Worries Goodbye

One call does it all. Kenmore Garage Door Openers is cutting edge technology coupled with good old-fashioned values. We love technology, but we love people even more. Whether you prefer chain-drive, belt-drive or screw-drive, Kenmore Garage Door Openers has you covered. We’ll help you choose the right system for your garage, and your budget.

Kenmore Garage Door Openers is also the number one garage door service for repairs and maintenance. If you let Kenmore Garage Door Openers handle all your automatic garage door needs, you’ll be worry-free and fancy-free. 

Let Kenmore Garage Door Openers take charge, and we promise to tame your garage door opener.

The best part is…when you call Kenmore Garage Door Openers, no one gets hurt

Kenmore Garage Door Springs | Kenmore, Washington

Garage Door Springs In Kenmore

Garage door springs are like God’s gift to homeowners. Without garage door springs, life as we know it could not exist. 

Garage doors would be prohibitively heavy, and we as a society would have to do away with them. Without garage door springs, we would have no use for garage doors. Garages would be covered by curtains, and eventually replaced by carports. 

Can you imagine a world in which carports dominated the cities? We can’t.

We are Kenmore Garage Door Springs, your garage door spring specialists.The pros at Kenmore Garage Door Springs would like to remind you that garage door springs are the building blocks of civilization. Even before sectional garage doors and automatic garage door openers, there were the springs. 

Did you realize that even manual garage doors have powerful springs?

More Bounce To The Ounce With Kenmore Garage Door Springs

For example, let’s suppose you have an old wooden manual garage door. It weighs over 250 pounds. Only a weightlifter could lift a dead weight of 250 pounds six feet in the air, right? But with the proper garage door springs, that same door is reduced to 25 pounds when lifted. In other words, the garage door springs do 90% of the lifting. The other 10% is handled by either your automatic garage door opener, or by your cousin Max. Even with a powerful garage door opener installed, the garage door springs still do 90% of the heavy lifting. The opener just tells the springs how far up to bring the door. 

As you can see, the springs are very important. It’s the heart of your garage door system. Without those ingenious garage door springs, you garage door would be very dangerous. 

When it’s time to replace those all-important springs, you should turn to the experts. The experienced technicians of Kenmore Garage Door Springs know how important garage door springs are. 

Our repairmen carry with them every size and model of spring. If your spring is hard-to-find or out of production, our experts can make an adapter that allows your garage door system to accept standard springs. 

Ask Us About Heavy Duty Springs With Extended Warranties

Kenmore Garage Door Springs stocks them all – torsion springs, extension springs, covered springs and heavy-duty springs. We have springs galore, and we know how to use them. Don’t take a chance when it’s time to change your garage door springs. 

Any garage door company can replace springs, but Kenmore Garage Door Springs does it more professionally for the same price. If all garage door companies charge about the same for spring replacement, why not go with the proven leaders?

Kenmore Garage Door Springs will “baby” your garage door system as much as you “baby” your car. Yes, we’ll fuss over the springs until your door is completely balanced and ready for the next decade of obedient service. 

If you use Kenmore Garage Door Springs as your garage door guys, you and your door will enjoy years and years of smooth sailing.

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