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Kent Garage Doors

If you own a home or business in Kent, WA and you are in need of a garage door repair you have come to the right place. Kent Garage Doors is happy to help you with all garage door repairs, installations, and any other garage door service you may be in need of. A garage door is a very important part of your home or business and it proper functioning and beautiful appearance add value.

Our highly trained technicians are truly prepared for any garage door repair in Kent.

Here at Kent Garage Doors we value each and every customer and strive to make their garage door repair as worry and stress free as possible. Kent Garage Doors will take care of your garage door problems so quickly and professionally it will be like your garage door was never broken to begin with.

Kent Garage Doors not only handles garage door repairs but they can do any garage door service, from installation to regular maintenance. 

We can help with all commercial and residential garage doors and all types and styles of doors. Kent Garage Doors can do spring repairs, opener repair and installation, track alignment, cable repair, and so much more. 

We are your one stop shop for garage door services!

Kent Garage Doors only uses trusted brands from the best manufacturers such as Amarr, Clopay, Martin, Chamberla

Kent Garage Doors can work on overhead garage doors, swing garage doors, automatic garage doors, manual garage doors, and all other types of garage doors. 

Garage doors are such an important part of your home or business that you shouldn’t have to wait for them to be repaired or installed. Kent Garage Doors offers their services 24/7; we also offer emergency garage door services and same day service. If you call Kent Garage Doors you will never have to wait long for your garage door repair or installation.

Call Kent Garage Doors today for an estimate!

Kent Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Kent

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your house. Usually, it works like a charm, rising and lowering on demand. Sometimes, it has a mind of it’s own, rising and lowering when it feels like it. And sometimes, it just refuses to work at all. Whatever condition your garage door is in, you’d be wise to call Kent Garage Door Repair for service. 

If your garage door is working like a charm, you need us to ensure your garage door’s charmed life will go on and on forever. If your garage door is ornery or stubborn, we’ll get it working like a charm again. And if your garage door is just a lifeless heap of metal, we’ll get it going up and down again – guaranteed! 

We’ve been in business the longest, and we’ve seen (and repaired) more different brands and models of garage door mechanisms than anyone else in these parts of Washington. No garage door repair is too big, too small, or too weird for us. 

We won’t judge you if you back your pick-up truck into your garage door again. 

We’re here to help, and we treat every garage door repair as a priority. Very few service companies in Washington offer 24-hour service to consumers. We’re just a Mom and Pop company that really cares about our customers and neighbors, who are one and the same. So we make ourselves available 365 days a year, morning noon and night, just in case you need us.

We’re not kidding, either. Anytime of the day or night you can call us and speak to a friendly agent, and have a technician dispatched within minutes. 

We probably don’t need to stay open around the clock, but we do anyway. 

We probably don’t need to guarantee same-day service, but we do anyway. 

And we probably don’t need to brag about our accomplishments, but…

Most of our technicians have been with us at least 10 years. They know garage doors, inside and out. They don’t moonlight as carpet installers or locksmiths, like most of the other garage door servicemen in the business. 

Our highly-skilled technicians specialize in one thing, and one thing only – repairing garage doors.

From the smallest loose bracket repair to the biggest garage door fiascos, Kent Garage Door Repair can do it all, usually on the same day within hours.No other garage door repair service takes as much pride in their work. 

No other company works as hard for your repeat business. 

Support your local economy and keep your garage door in pristine condition at the same time.

We’re right here in Kent, we’re the best, and we’re waiting for your call. 

What are you waiting for?

Kent Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs In Kent

When in comes to fixing garage door springs, all companies charge about the same price, but Kent Garage Door Springs does a better job. We’ve been replacing extension and torsion springs for over 25 years in these parts of Washington, and our highly skilled technicians have seen and repaired every make of spring under the sun.

The spring is the most important part of your garage door system, next to the motor. Your garage door springs are the workhorses of your system, storing all the energy while the door is closed, and then releasing it as the door rises.

If you leave the dangerous work to Kent Garage Door Springs, you can actually sit back and marvel at how efficient those little springs are. 

Without your automatic opener system, it would be impossible to manually lift your 200 lbs.+ door without giving yourself a hernia or a lifetime of backaches, if not for the springs. The weight of your garage door stretches the springs as it goes down. When you lift the door manually, the springs do 90% percent of the work for you! Can you think of any other labor-saving device that does 90% of the work for you? For pennies a day? Yes, garage door springs are worth their weight in gold. They are modern marvels that we take for granted, up to eight times a day.

If a superior race of beings were to come to Earth, they wouldn’t need to see an iPad or a pair of Google glasses to understand the extent of our advanced technology, they would just have to examine the precision engineering and design of a garage door spring.

So please don’t despair if your garage door pops a spring.

That’s what garage doors do, they go up and down a few thousand times and then they pop a spring. No biggie, if you entrust your garage door maintenance to Kent Garage Door Springs. 

We come out to your residence or business anytime day or night and replace your spring. There are never any extra charges for late-night emergencies or holiday service. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians carry everything you need with them, for expert repairs on the spot in record time.

There are several questions you’ll need to ask when replacing garage door springs, and the pros at Kent Garage Door Springs can answer all of them: Should I get the cheapest springs available, or premium long-lasting ones? Should I replace both springs, even if one looks okay? How long are springs guaranteed to last?

One question you should never ask is, “Can I just buy a spring and install it myself?” You cannot install a high-tension garage door spring by yourself, unless you have at least 5 years experience as a professional garage door repairman, or you have a strong death wish – it’s that dangerous!

Our technicians have tamed the garage door spring. They replace them quickly, safely and at a the lowest price in town. When your garage door spring fails, you know who to call, Kent Garage Door Springs.

Kent Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers In Kent

What would you do without your garage door opener system? You’d probably be suffering a lot of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. 

A garage door opener is one of the greatest labor-saving devices of the last hundred years, if it’s working properly. If it’s not, the garage door opener can be a major source of frustration and alarm. After all, if your garage door opener prevents your garage door from going all the way down, your family’s security is jeopardized. 

That’s exactly why Kent Garage Door Openers is always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rain or shine! 

Other garage door companies will give you an appointment in your time of need – Kent Garage Door Openers will be there same day to assist with any garage door emergency! 

Get Instant Results When You Call Kent Garage Door Openers

Why wait when your garage door opener malfunctions? Today’s openers, with sensors, receivers, computer chips and codes, literally have minds of their own. If your garage door opener goes awry, anything can happen: the door will raise and lower by itself, or it might stop in any position from closed to wide open, or it might do the exact opposite of whatever it’s supposed to do. The point is, a garage door opener is a very delicate and very temperamental piece of equipment. Care and feeding should only be performed by a licensed and professional technician. 

The first “automatic” garage door openers were primitive pulleys, ropes and counterweights, and there was no chance your garage door would mysteriously open on its own. It also required the strength of at least 2 men to raise or lower the door. Today’s automatic garage door openers offer a variety of styles and options, from the old reliable chain-drive motors to state-of-the-art screw-drive assemblies that have fewer moving parts. (Just between you and us, the belt-drive is the quietest system and the biggest bang for your buck). 

The Electric Garage Door Is Almost 90 Years Old!

The electric garage door opener was invented in 1926 in Indiana, but Americans weren’t interested until the 1940s when someone added a keypad switch on a post at the end of the driveway. The first garage door openers operated exactly as gated storage facilities work nowadays.

Contrary to popular belief, your garage door opener system does NOT do all the heavy lifting – that’s handled by your springs and counterweight pulleys. The opener merely decides how far the garage door goes up or down. It’s also chock full of life-saving safety features like sensors, photo-eyes and auto-reverse gears to prevent injuries to your loved ones. 

So please treat your garage door opener with respect by assigning Kent Garage Door Openers to the task of repairing and maintaining your garage door opener.

Always Open, Always Ready

Always open, always ready, and always friendly. 

Don’t risk your hard-earned money on some fly-by-night garage door technician who may or may not show up on time; who may or may not know what the heck he’s doing; and who may or may not overcharge you. We’ve stayed on top for decades by providing great service at great prices. If you’re looking for disappointment and buyers remorse, be sure to hire the fly-by-night guys you see dotting Google maps like a pox. But if you want honest service, reasonable prices and impeccable service, Kent Garage Door Openers is the only choice for you.

Call today. We’ll fix your opener today!

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All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to make sure the job is done correctly and to keep you coming back. We also understand that you don’t want to waste a single minute or penny more than is necessary when dealing with it. Seattle Garage Doors has locations all over Washington ready to provide the best garage doors services at very low prices. 


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