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Seattle Garage Doors FAQ | Seattle, Washington

When do you close tonight?

We never close. 

We’re open 24 / 7 / 365, and that does in fact include holidays. We offer someone to speak with around the clock so that you’re never alone on your garage door adventures. 

How quickly can you come out and help me?

We offer same day garage door service to 99 out of every 100 customers– Unless it’s impossible to get there the same day, we will be there! 

Do you offer garage door maintenance as well?

Yes, we can take care of maintenance tasks for you, and we recommend keeping up on your maintenance so that your garage door is less likely to break down. 

How often does my garage door need repair or lubrication?

If you want to be a responsible homeowner, you don’t need to “baby” your garage door, but you can’t ignore it, either.

A thorough inspection and some 3-in-1 oil is recommended once or twice year, depending on use, but always be aware of your door and opener so you can spot any potential problems. 

The point of monitoring your garage door opener, springs and cables, and of scheduling a yearly walk-through with an expert from Seattle Garage Doors is to nip any problems in the bud – before your garage door clams up on the morning of an important meeting. 

Seattle Garage Doors wants to help you with any and all garage door repairs and maintenance, just give us a call and we will send someone right out! You might be surprised at the amount of problems that can be avoided/prevented by doing regular checks on your garage door. 

So often the big problems with your garage door originate from a very small issue that is left broken. 

This small problem will cause strain on other parts of the door that will wear them down and before you know if the whole door stops working. If you catch these problems from the smaller problem you can generally fix that small issue and prevent the bigger issue from ever occurring. This will save you so much time and money in the long run, we find it is always better to be proactive rather than reactive…even with your garage door.

How long will my garage door and opener last?

How long your garage door and opener lasts depends on how often you use your garage door. 

Let’s say you only open your garage door once every 10 years. In that case, your garage door system will remain in tip-top shape until the year 10225. 

If you use your garage door 4 or 5 times a day, the springs will need to be replaced every 3 or 4 years, but the opener can be expected to last 12 to 16 years with no major servicing. 

However, because the whole mechanism is delicate and precise, something minor like a barely visible chink in the tracks can take a big toll on your opener and gearbox– Which is why you want Seattle Garage Doors in your pocket. 

Having a great garage door company that offers same day services and emergency garage door repairs at no extra cost is a huge benefit to you. 

No matter what happens to your garage door you know you are covered. 

If you notice anything off about your garage door, literally even the smallest thing, it is smart to give us a call so we can assess the situation and see if any repairs need to be done. We will never quote you work that isn’t necessary on the door but we will always tell you all the potential problems that we see so you can move ahead in the best possible way.

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What are your business hours?

This is a pretty common question, but it’s a little strange since we don’t have an actual store front– Makes sense that people would ask, since they don’t see a “Business Hours” sign on our door. So, when are we open? Here’s a better way to put it: We never close, so that we may ensure that we’re always open for all of our customers.

Where can I learn more about garage doors?

You can take a look at the different content pages of our site, which offers a lot of information; in addition to that, we also have our blog that we update pretty regularly with plenty of garage door related information.

I’ve heard there’s an incorrect way to replace springs. What does that mean?

Garage door springs should always be replaced in pairs since they wear at the same rate; doing a replacement the wrong way means that you’ve only replaced one when it failed.

What are the different types of garage door openers?

There are four different styles of openers that you should know about, and you can learn all about them on our garage door opener page.

Do you recommend any garage door repairs as a DIY job?

Garage door repairs and services are all very dangerous services that should only be handled by a trained garage door professional; by trying to do it yourself, you subject yourself to some real danger that can turn out to be fatal.

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