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 “I upgraded my entire garage door system while back, and the tech gave me a handy sheet of regular maintenance that I was supposed to take care of on my garage door and opener to prevent them from breaking down, but I really didn’t care to do that stuff? So out of the blue, I called Seattle Garage Doors, and they take care of all of the regular maintenance that my garage door needs.” – Jesse F.

“My complex of apartments has a gate that is shaky on it’s best day. 

I never gave it the time of day, though, because it’s something that you just expect to work. Then I get a call from one of my tenants, and the gate won’t open. 

There are far too many residents there for us to have some massive gate issue. 

So I called Seattle Garage Doors, and they were able to come out and fix the gate in a matter of hours.Crisis averted, all thanks to Seattle Garage Doors.” – Jesse M.

My garage door is like my front door. It acts as the gatekeeper for me. So imagine the embarrassment when I came home from my morning walk and the garage door wouldn’t open.

I didn’t have a key to my front door, and my garage door wouldn’t open with the keypad.

So, obviously I had to call a locksmith, and after that I was able to take a look at my garage door opener, but I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

So I calleda Seattle Garage Doors, someone who could figure out what ishref wrong, and they were also able to fix it. 

Now, I can get in to my home after my morning walks! 

– Dan B.

“At my auto shop, I rely on my gate to keep my customer’s cars secure. I rely on my garage door to keep my equipment secure. 

I also rely on that to keep me open for business. If my ramset gate, or my garage door stopped working at any point, I’d be plum out of luck. There was a day where my gate wouldn’t open, and I was frantic for help. 

I called Seattle Garage Doors, and they immediately came out and fixed that stubborn old gate of mine. They also inspected the door to my garage and noticed some faults with it. They gave me a quote on the spot and had what they needed to fix up my garage door, do some overdue annual garage door maintenance for me, and even fix my slow moving garage door opener. It’s a good thing the guy from Seattle Garage Door Co. had his business card, cause I’ll be calling him everytime I have an issue. – Bill

“I couldn’t believe what happened. 

I was cleaning the house for my daughter’s birthday party when I heard a loud bang come from the garage. I was shocked. When my husband was coming home, I guess our garage door opener broke, and this was a huge problem. Now our garage door was stuck half open, making our home look shoddy. 

On top of that, our busted garage door opener kept making strange noises and was pouring smoke into our garage and bedroom. I couldn’t stand for this, but luckily, a friend of mine had gone with Seattle garage door company. 

I gave them a call, and right away they sent someone out to take care of my garage door opener. 

He showed up early, and immediately figured out what was wrong with my opener. He told me that he could fix my garage door opener, or replace it with a brand new one. 

I never felt any pressure, and I opted to buy a brand new genie garage door opener. 

Within the same day, my garage door was back to work and my daughter’s guests didn’t have to see an ugly, broken garage door when they came over. Thank you Seattle Garage Door Co.!” – Deidra

“I was so sick of having garage door problems. 

I felt like I had a lemon of a garage door with how often it broke down, and how it seemed like no garage door company could fix it. Every time I had someone out to fix it, it would break down again soon. Finally, I tried someone different, and they were Seattle Garage Doors. 

hey came out, quickly diagnosed what was wrong with my garage door opener (and why the other guys couldn’t fix it), and fixed it for good. 

It’s been a few months since I’ve had any problems, and that has been nice!” – Sarah L.

My Garage Door has always opened for me. I mean, always. I come home from work, I press the button the remote, and my garage door opens. Except for the other day, when I went through my normal routine, but nothing happened. I was in shock. I tried to take a look at my garage door opener to see if it was broken, but I might as well have been attempting to read the bible in Japanese. So, rather than fuss with it, I called Seattle Garage Doors. They were friendly, quick, and offered a great rate to fix my garage door opener, and now, my normal routine works again. I owe a big thank you to Seattle Garage Doors. – Moriah M.

“It was like a scene out of a disaster movie. My garage door was starting to close, then I heard a loud crash, and the garage door just fell. Lucky for me, I don’t part my car in the garage, because then there is no way this story could end happily for me; It was really late, and I had no idea what to do. . . My mother told me about a place that offered 24 / 7 garage door service, and that place happened to be Seattle Garage Doors. I gave them a call, and they came out that night to help me out. Now, they weren’t able to fix it that night, but they were able to come back in a few hours time to do it. I was shocked at how great they were, and they have made a customer for life!” – Audrey B.

“I was getting ready to sell my home when my realtor brought up a very good point. I could invest a small amount of money in replacing my garage door, and make a lot more on the sale of my home. So I called Seattle Garage Doors, and in the same day, we had picked out which garage door they were going to install. The next day they were replacing my garage door, and the day after they were putting the finishing touches on the front of my home.” – Sarah B.