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The technicians who staff Tukwila Garage Doors are the most patient guys on the planet – they have to be! After one of our expert repairmen services your garage door or opener, you won’t need us again for another 10 or 15 years, but we’ll wait. We have a lot of TV binge watching to catch up on, anyway

You see, today’s garage doors and openers are built to last… and last! Even many garage door springs designed today are built to last at least 80,000 to 100,000 cycles. That means less maintenance, fewer repairs, and no headaches – but only if you call Tukwila Garage Doors for all your garage door repairs.

In a perfect world, you would have Tukwila Garage Doors install every part of your garage door system, then have Tukwila Garage Doors do all the service and repairs. You’ll end up with less stress and more quality up-and-down time with your garage door.

Tukwila Garage Doors Can Fix Any Garage Door Problem

By the late 20th century, mankind realized that it is not a perfect world we live in, and we’ve all had to re-adjust our paths. You can still get the feel-good peace of mind that comes with a smooth-running garage door, even if Tukwila Garage Doors didn’t install your door.

One of the perks of being the most respected garage door repair company in the area is the coveted “clean-up” work we do, correcting the mistakes made my by other garage door companies. Tukwila Garage Doors is also known as the go-to company when no one else can do the job properly. So don’t hesitate to call Tukwila Garage Doors for any garage door issue, from broken springs to general garage door repairs, we do it all! If we can’t fix your garage door, no one can! If other garage door companies call us for advice in tough times, you can be sure out technicians are second to none.

Simply stated, the intrepid repairmen of Tukwila Garage Doors have seen it all – and repaired it all.

Call Tukwila Garage Doors At The First Sign Of Trouble

Want some free expert advice from Tukwila Garage Doors? The first rule of responsible garage door maintenance is to look and listen. Your garage door system usually lets you know when it’s about to breakdown, by getting noisier or slower. Don’t ignore any changes you notice in your garage door system. To keep your family safe and your property prorected, have your garage door inspected by a professional at least once a year, preferably just before the winter season. After all, you probably schedule regular inspections of your heating/cooling system, so why not your garage door and opener?

Here at Tukwila Garage Doors, we understand the reasoning behind America’s neglect of the garage door – but that doesn’t make it right. Typically, homeowners can expect their garage doors to run smoothly for many years without thinking about it. This is possible only if you hire an expert garage door technician, monitor your garage door continually, and let the technician know about any jolts and dings that take place.

You never know when your garage door will break down, but now you know who to call – Tukwila Garage Doors!

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Tukwila Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

We do garage door repairs, better than anyone else. 

We are Tukwila Garage Door Repair, and we are here for one reason only – to get your garage door fixed, back on track and running smoothly.

It doesn’t matter what ails your door, and it doesn’t matter if you have a one-car garage, a two-car garage, an old wooden tilt-up door, or a state-of-the-art smart garage door opener. If it’s made for your garage door, Tukwila Garage Door Repair can, and will repair it!

After all, Tukwila Garage Door Repair has been making it right for homeowners for more than 20 years, fixing any and all garage door problems as soon as they come up; and in some cases, even helping prevent them.

We don’t just repair garage doors, either. Our able technicians eat, drink and sleep garage doors. Sometimes, they can’t even sleep because Tukwila Garage Door Repair is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tukwila Garage Door Repair is tops for all garage door fixes!

In this fragmented world of online directories, phony reviews and dueling garage door repair companies, how can a homeowner navigate his way to safety amid the sea of self-promoting garage door services?

Carefully, very carefully. You should choose a garage door repair company that’s been around a long time and has a proven track record, like, for example, Tukwila Garage Door Repair, in business since 1992. Like a savvy shopper, you should also do some research and legwork, asking your friends and neighbors, “Who did your garage door repair?”

You may be surprised to hear the name Tukwila Garage Door Repair come up again and again.

Sit Back And Leave The Dirty Work To Tukwila Garage Door Repair

To be honest, there are a few things you can do yourself to keep your garage door running smoothly, like lubricating the pulleys and gears, and wiping off the photo-electric sensors, but most garage door repairs are MUCH too dangerous for a layman.

For example, there is enough tension in a garage door system to slingshot your garage door into the next county. There is nothing heroic about taking a spring in the face with 6,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, so please don’t try to be a garage door hero. It’s not worth risking your safety to save $50 or $100. If you really want to live dangerously, take up a sport like naked ziplining, or a hobby like blindfolded gun-cleaning.

But always leave the dangerous garage door repairs to the professionals, and the most professional company you’ll ever find is Tukwila Garage Door Repair. Call us today, before your garage door gets any worse.

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Tukwila Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener is smarter than you think. Even if you don’t have one of the latest internet-based “smart” garage door openers, your opener is still one smart cookie. Here at Tukwila Garage Door Openers, we think the garage door opener is awesome. Truly awesome.

For starters, your garage door opener never does any of the heavy lifting, because it’s too smart for that. Instead, it enlists other parts of your garage door to do the dirty work. The opener merely controls the action, telling the springs when to lift the door, and how far up to lift it. There are other signs that your garage door opener is super smart. Your opener is constantly re-programming itself with rolling codes that make it nearly impossible for burglars to enter your house through the garage door. In fact, your garage door will never leave you for another homeowner, never try to sell you swampland in Florida, and will never, ever tell you those jeans make you look fat. And we at Tukwila Garage Door Openers believe there are other signs that your garage door opener is smarter than you think.

Your Garage Door Opener Is A Brainiac, For Sure!

Technically, a “smart” garage door opener is one that hooks up to the internet and can be controlled by your smart phone, but any garage door opener manufactured in the past 15 years is smart as a whip. Today’s garage door openers all have motherboards and computer chips. With the rolling code technology and layered security features, your garage door opener is a brainiac indeed. In fact, if extra-terrestrials came to examine earthlings, they would only have to gaze at a Chamberlain liftmaster garage door opener to see how advanced our civilation is. The sum of man’s knowledge is proudly displayed in every automatic garage door system. You probably take for granted your amazing garage door opener.

To the technicians at Tukwila Garage Door Openers, a garage door opener in action is poetry in motion, and a symphony of happiness – even if it just sounds like a freight train to you.

We Service All The Major Brands Of Garage Door Openers

When you summon one of our keen garage door opener repairmen, you get a technician who knows he is working for you. Whatever you want, Tukwila Garage Door Openers will do for you. If you want your garage door opener repaired, rather than replaced, we’ll do all we can to make it run like new.

Unscrupulous garage door opener services around town will try to “scare” you into unnecessary repairs, or try to sell you a new garage door opener when your trusty old opener still has planty of life in it. If you want a chain-drive opener, we won’t try to change your mind. If you want a belt-drive opener or a screw-drive opener, again, you’re the boss. Your wish is our command. Tukwila Garage Door Openers puts you in charge of your garage door’s fate. Call Tukwila Garage Door Openers at the first sign of trouble.

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Tukwila Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Most people don’t appreciate their garage door springs until one breaks. But we’re not most people; we’re Tukwila Garage Door Springs, and we love those big coiled wonders. 

When your garage door springs fails, you realize how important the springs are…

Suddenly, your garage door becomes 10 times as heavy, and nearly impossible to lift. It is then that it dawns on you – garage door springs are the greatest thing since sliced bread. For it is the springs that do all the heavy lifting for you, not the other parts. Tukwila Garage Door Springs are the specialists in spring repair and spring replacement. If we don’t have your garage door spring in stock – no one does. And if no one has it in stock, the pros at Tukwila Garage Door Springs can make a converter for your garage door system that allows it to accept standard garage door springs.

Call The Experts Of Tukwila For Garage Door Spring Repair

When it comes time to adjust or replace your garage door springs, don’t think twice about calling a reputable company like Tukwila Garage Door Springs. Our seasoned garage door spring repairmen know exactly what they’re doing, and if you don’t use the exact spring needed for your garage door, the whole system will never run smoothly. 

Here at Tukwila Garage Door Springs we get dozens of phone calls every week from homeowners who are looking to buy garage door springs and install them themselves.

Bad idea.

Garage Door Springs are hard to find, for a reason. 

They are dangerous, and everybody knows it. The government doesn’t want to condone an extremely dangerous activity (do-it-yourself garage door spring replacement), and the insurance companies have lobbied to keep garage door springs out of retail reach, to avoid costly accidents and debilitating injuries. 

When Spring Break Is NOT A Fun Activity

For teenagers, “spring break” is something to look forward to; for adults, not so much. But for Tukwila Garage Door Springs, springs can ease the frustration of a broken garage door spring by replacing it quickly and painlessly. That’s the best part of having an established garage door spring company do the work for you – it’s painless.

The technicians of Tukwila Garage Door Springs know they’re the best in the business, and we don’t mind if it goes to their heads. When you’ve been in business as long as Tukwila Garage Door Springs, and you’ve installed as many garage door springs as we have, you have the right to boast about it. In the decades we’ve been fixing garage doors, we never met a garage door spring we didn’t like, or couldn’t fix.

We know you have many choices for your garage door spring replacements and repairs, and we welcome the competition, but when push comes to shove, you want your garage door springs fixed as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible, and as well as possible.

That’s where we come in. Tukwila Garage Door Springs arrives within an hour, and replaces your garage door springs in minutes, leaving both your garage door – and your wallet – in great shape. You never know when a garage door spring will pop, but at least you know who to call when it does: Tukwila Garage Door Springs.

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