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Lake Stevens Garage Doors

Lake Stevens Garage Doors has been serving the great residents here with garage door repairs and services for years. We love living and working here. 

If you are looking for a garage door repair company that understand the quality you are looking for Lake Stevens Garage Doors is who you should call.

Do you know why Lake Stevens is the coolest place in all of Snohomish County? It’s because of our heritage! A hundred years ago, Lake Stevens was a resort town and a destination for thousands of tourists looking for lakeside relaxation. Today, that same laid-back feeling permeates our quaint city, which has since gone from resort mecca to suburban shangri-la. No wonder so many people want to live in Lake Stevens – it has a history of relaxation and a reputation for opulence. In pop culture, Lake Stevens is known as “the Lake Como Of Washington,” referring to the Italian Resort town where Europe’s rich and powerful vacationed.

Nowadays, Lake Stevens is a bustling little suburb with a sunny disposition and a big heart. It is also home to some of the nicest homes in the area, and Lake Stevens Garage Doors is here to make sure it stays that way. We have been installing and repairing garage doors in Lake Stevens as long as anyone can remember. We’ve probably worked on most of the garage doors on your street.

Big City Service At Down Home Prices

Even though Lake Stevens has a small-town friendliness and atmosphere, we believe it deserves a 24-hour garage door repair service, just like the big boys! We are open 365 days a year for your convenience. Call us anytime, day or night, weekday, weekend or holiday. You’ll get a LIVE customer service agent, who will send out a LIVE repairman in record time.

Lake Stevens Garage Doors knows that a malfunctioning garage door is a breach of security, and may turn your home into an open invitation for thieves and burglars. Also, a garage door or opener that acts up a little, will soon be acting up A LOT and is liable to lurch up or down suddenly, drop unexpectedly, or stay wide open defiantly.

In short, your garage door has a mind of its own. It can be temperamental or psychotic, so please heed the warnings. If your garage door opener starts acting stubborn or cranky, it’s time to call the pros at Lake Stevens Garage Doors. 

We can keep your system from breaking down with equal parts preventive maintenance and TLC. That’s really the key to smart maintenance, showing your door some love. You don’t have to go overboard with the oil can and the ladder, just entrust your garage door maintenance and repairs to Lake Stevens Garage Doors.

We Always Stay Open – So Your Garage Door Doesn’t!

Once you hire Lake Stevens Garage Doors to tend to your garage door, you can be sure your repairs will be reduced to a bare minimum, and your garage door will work smoothly for many years to come.

Our repairmen are top-notch garage door technicians, but (fortunately for you) they are lousy salesmen. They are terrible at selling you extra services and products you don’t need. Our seasoned technicians do the job at a fair price. 

In the unlikely event that your garage door fails after our visit, we will send our technician back to your house – at no cost to you – again and again until you’re satisfied. Because that’s the real secret to our success, our commitment to impeccable customer service. After all, everyone sells the same garage door springs, brackets and openers, for approximately the same price. 

We do a better job because of our skilled repairmen, who do nothing else but service and repair garage doors. They don’t moonlight as bicycle mechanics or service cooling systems in their spare time, like many garage door repairmen.

 Our seasoned servicemen do one thing, and one thing only – garage doors and garage door repairs.

Call Lake Stevens Garage Door Repair today to find out why we’re tops in Snohomish County.

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