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Your home’s appearance is important and your garage door is a major part of the overall appearance. If your garage door isn’t maintained as well as other areas of your home it will bring the entire look of your home down. 

As residents of Mercer Island, WA you want to make sure your garage door looks just as good as those in your neighborhood.

Depending on your specific situation you may not have to replace the entire garage door to bring it back up to its former glory. Why’s that? Because Mercer Island Garage Doors offers plenty of services that can work around existing issues with garage doors, or even repair those issues.

One such service that Mercer Island Garage Doors offers is called “Garage Door Section Replacement,” where a failing or broken part of the door itself can be replaced rather than a complete garage door replacement.

Call Mercer Island Garage Doors and have one of our technicians come out and take a look to see what we can do for you. We offer 24/7 services for all of Mercer Island. No matter what your garage door problem is we can fix it for you fast and for a great price.

Mercer Island and its residents deserver only the very best in garage door services, and that is what Mercer Island Garage Doors delivers– Professionalism, value, and the very best in garage door repairs.

  • Governor Albert D Rosellini Bridge-Evergreen Point, in Mercer Island, is the longest floating bridge on Earth.
  • When Mercer Island was incorporated in 1960, it consisted of only small islands.

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a beautiful garage door rising majestically on cue to reveal a well-appointed garage. And nothing more unsightly than a rickety old clunker of a garage door rising unevenly to the rhythm of, “I think I can, I think I can.” 

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair is here 24 hours a day to make sure your garage door is obedient and whisper quiet. In fact, we’ve been shushing noisy garage door systems since 1992, and no one knows garage door repairs better than us. We’ve been around longer than most of our competition combined, so why not call the most experienced and the proudest garage door repair company in the Northwest? 

It doesn’t cost a penny more to get the real experts, the true specialists, the veritable wizards of winterization: 

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair. 

As soon as the technician from Mercer Island Garage repair arrives at your door, you will experience a tremendous sense of relief. 

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair Will Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

Q: Why is Mercer Island Garage Door Repair the model of modern-day chivalry?
A: Because we open the door for you!

Most homeowners are only concerned with price. “How much will it cost to repair or replace that part of my garage door?” That’s a fair question, but not in the garage door repair business, because most companies charge about the same for basic service, maintenance and repairs. What homeowners ought to be concerned with are the following questions:

  • How long has this company been in business?
  • Are they locally owned and operated?
  • Do they fully guarantee their services?
  • Do they charge extra for holidays and weekend service?

If a company has been in the garage door business for more than 20 years, they pre-date the federal guidelines for homeowners, and they will be able to repair older garage door motors as well as the latest models. Take our services…please! Our technicians have worked on every type of garage door and opener, including plenty of experience with old-fashioned tilt-up wooden doors. Yup, we’ve seen every type of gerry-rigged and homemade garage door system you can imagine – and some you can’t imagine! 

We’ve Been Around A Long Time And We’re Here To Stay

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair was the first garage door company to offer 24-hour service in the great state of Washington, and we’re still the only game in town when it comes to repairing and replacing any pre-code openers that were manufactured before 1998. Why replace your entire garage door opener when Mercer Island Garage Door Repair can simply fix it for you?

Be sure to call us first, because if we can’t repair your garage door, no one can! Let Mercer Island Garage Door Repair take your garage door from tragic to magic, and from whoa! to wow! Yes, Mercer Island Garage Door Repair has become the premiere garage door repair service in King County because we give the people what they want – great service at rock-bottom prices. Try us on for size.

Mercer Island Garage Door Openers

Mercer Island Garage Door Openers has installed more garage door openers than anyone else in town. Since 1991, we have serviced and repaired most of the automatic openers around Mercer Island. We were the first garage door company in the state to install screw-drive openers, the first to introduce million-code programming, and the first to install the latest Chamberlain “Smart” openers.

The experts who staff Mercer Island Garage Door Openers are specialists in their field. 

They specialize in garage door opener installation, repair and service. No matter how old your garage door opener may be, Mercer Island Garage Door Openers can fix it. 

If we can’t repair your opener, no one can. The experienced techno-geeks of Mercer Island will always try to repair your opener first. Other local companies in the garage door opener business will trick you in two ways: Firstly, they will try and sell you a brand new opener, even if yours can easily be repaired. Why? Because it’s easier and more profitable to sell you a new garage door opener than to open up and fix it. Any fool with a ladder can install a new garage door opener, but only a true garage door hero can repair one. 

Let Mercer Island Garage Door Openers Be Your Garage Door Heroes

What is a garage door hero? A garage door hero is a technician who cares about the well-being of your garage door and opener, a technician who sees the big picture, a guy who will lower your garage door but never let you down. In short, a garage door hero is the only type of repairman we hire at Mercer Island Garage Door Openers.

You can always count on a Mercer Island Garage Door Openers technician to do the right thing…which brings us to the second way in which shady garage door companies can fleece you: garage door opener placement. When we say “opener,” we’re referring to the motor assembly that hangs from your garage ceiling. (Some people call the hand-held remote control unit the “opener.”)

There is only ONE ideal spot for your garage door opener to be installed, which our technicians call the “sweet spot.”

Unfortunately, all garage door technicians were not created equal, and many of the other garage door opener companies will install the opener in the EASIEST spot, rather than the RIGHT spot. It makes the technician’s job really easy, but it’s bad news for you and your garage door.

No Need To Panic When Mercer Island Garage Door Openers Is Here

Mercer Island Garage Door Openers will never let you down. If your garage door opener can be repaired, we’ll find a way to fix it like new. If your opener is beyond repair, we’ll break it to you gently that you need a new one. Garage door openers are an outstanding bargain. For a few hundred dollars, you can equip your garage with a “smart” opener that will raise and lower your garage door several times a day – for decades – with little or no maintenance. 

Mercer Island Garage Door Openers is always open for your opener business. Let us tame your finicky garage door opener. Call Mercer Island Garage Door Openers for an immediate appointment and a swift end to your garage door woes. 

Mercer Island Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Mercer Island Garage Door Springs has been in business for decades for a reason: we offer exceptional customer service and employ only the best technicians to resolve all of your garage door problems. The most common garage door malfunction is damaged or broken springs. This halts your garage door’s ability to operate and can pose a huge threat to your physical health. You don’t want to chance one of those springs flying off at a frightening speed and pegging a loved one. The instant that you’re aware of a broken spring, allow Mercer Island Garage Door Springs to come out fix it reliably and in a timely manner.

Broken garage door springs are no match for Mercer Island Garage Door Springs. We’ve installed and serviced more springs for more homeowners than any other garage door repair service in the area. Why? Because we’re the spring specialists.

Garage Door Spring Repair from just $29!

Mercer Island Garage Door Springs is the number one contender for your patronage because we know the garage door repair business inside and out. 

Not only do we offer the most thorough expertise, we also know that our repairs are flawless—any sort of replacement that you garage door requires, Mercer island place garage door springs can cater to your specific needs.

To provide a little history for our loyal customers, we’d like to share a story highlighting our values as a repair company. When we were first established twenty some years ago, there was a garage door that was seemingly irreparable—until we stepped in. 

Our technicians were of the highest echelon back then, and their caliber has not been compromised whatsoever.

Garage door springs are literally one of the most brilliant inventions of the modern age. Without them, millions of people would be sustaining back injuries from manually lifting the sheer weight of the door. Don’t be deprived of this modern marvel; keep your springs sprung with Mercer Island Garage Door Springs.

When there is an issue with your garage door, please allow Mercer Island Garage Door Springs to fix it at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to fully cater to all of your garage door and spring replacement needs. Remember that a spring replacement is not only mandatory, but it is also dangerous to execute. We offer torsion spring replacements—the best in their class–extension springs, and tension springs. 

We are willing to work with your level of technology to fully repair your springs and get your garage door working just like new. Any of these spring replacements will guarantee the longevity of your garage door and promote seamless operation for years to come.

Any time that you’re struck with the misfortune of a broken door spring,

Mercer Island Garage Door Springs will be happy to come out and fix it on the spot. We center our business on the belief that we can easily help every troubled garage door owner in need!

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