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What’s the best thing about your garage door? The fact that it shields your car from the elements? The fact that it keeps your family safe from intruders? Or the fact that it adds value and curb appeal to your house?

While all of these things are important here at Sumner Garage Doors we think the best thing about garage doors are the brave guys who install and repair them. 

In case you weren’t aware, the springs, cables and brackets of your garage door system bear an enormous amount of tension, and need to be adjusted with the precision of a fine timepiece. The energy stored in the tension springs when the garage door is in the “down” position is so strong that it can slingshot your garage door into the next county.

That’s exactly why we honor the hard-working garage door repairmen of Sumner Garage Doors – they are the unsung heroes of modern creature comforts. When you call Sumner Garage Doors to repair or service your door, we guarantee it will lift and lower smoothly and silently from then on.

Our Garage Door Installations and Repairs are Poetry in Motion

The reason? Sumner Garage Door technician leave a little bit of themselves behind to act as your garage door Guardian Angel. Every time you press the remote button, your phantom Sumner Garage Door repairman bends down and lifts your garage door up above his head. It’s a win/win situation. You get a garage door that rises and lowers as dependably at the Sun, as well as the protection of Sumner Garage Doors iron-clad guarantee.

Shhhh. What’s that noise? The garage door is getting louder and louder as time goes on. Some people accept it as a normal part of growing old. After all, we get noisier as we age. when our bones start to creak.

But your garage door should go up as smoothly and as silently after 10 or 20 years of use as it did on Day One – and it will, if you entrust your garage door maintenance to the pros at Sumner Garage Doors.

There two kinds of garage door noise, neither are good news. First you have common “white” garage door noise, caused by friction associated with misaligned tracks, loose fitting and lack of lubrication. This is the noise that we all learn to live, but don’t have to. Just have Sumner Garage Doors re-adjust, calibrate and lubricate your wheels and bearings once a year or so. 

Your garage door opener will sound better than new, we GUARANTEE IT. 

Garage door white noise just creeps up on you. One day it’s humming along nicely, the next day the garage door sounds drown out your favorite Bruno Mars song on the car radio. If your garage door is laying down some bad beats, please have it repaired before it drowns out everyone’s car radios.

The other type of noise is the dreaded BLACK garage door noise – the awful grinding, gnawing, scraping sound that tells you something is definitely amiss. If you don’t act immediately at the fist sound of BLACK garage door noise, you may end up having to have your entire garage door replaced instead of just repairing the parts that are broken.

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